Ageless and ultra slim in design and appearance - an attractive and alluring fire to fit with any fireplace in any living room. Now with Fingerslide control for easy operation.

The entry level eko 3015 is particularly suitable for installations into new homes with shallow starter block's and some pre-cast flue systems, however, is perfectly at home when used with a conventional chimney.



    Fire TypeSlimline Radiant
    Chimney/Flue RequirementsConventional Chimney
    Pre-cast Flue
    Pre-fabricated flue (min.5")
    Control TypeFinger Slide
    Heat Input (Max/Min) Gross6.2kW / 3.5kW
    Heat Output (Max/Min) Gross3.1kW / 1.8kW
    Running Costs Per Hour (Max/Min)*26.47p / 14.95p
    Outline Dimensions**W485 x H590 x D108 (mm)
    InstallationInset - Fireplace
    SafetyOxygen Depletion Sensor
    Flame Failure Device
    OptionsCoal or pebble fuelbed
    Choice of frets
    and frames**
    * Price based on 4.27p/kWh. Gas prices may vary. Please check with your supplier.

    ** Please refer to Technical specification for more product information.
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