Mirror finish cheeks captivate the flame picture with an energetic and inviting charm making this one of our most popular fires.

The eko 3020 incorporates a cleverly designed heat exchanger that provides additional convected heat at no extra running cost, therefore increasing efficiency to 67%.



    Fire TypeSlimline Convector
    Chimney/Flue RequirementsConventional Chimney
    Pre-cast flue
    pre-fabricated flue (Min.5")
    Control TypeManual - Rotary /
    Remote control
    Heat Input (Max/Min) Gross6.2kW / 3.5kW
    Heat Output (Max/Min) Gross4.1kW / 2.3kW
    Running Costs Per Hour (Max/Min)*26.47p / 14.95p
    Outline Dimensions**W480 x H590 x D122 (mm)
    InstallationInset - Fireplace
    SafetyOxygen Depletion Sensor
    Flame Failure Device
    OptionsPowaflue (coal only)
    Coal or pebble fuelbed
    Remote control (Nat Gas Only)
    Choice of frets
    and frames**
    Removable stainless
    steel side cheeks
    * Price based on 4.27p/kWh. Gas prices may vary. Please check with your supplier.

    ** Please refer to Technical specification for more product information.
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