1070 LED Reflections

The 1070 utilises the same LED electric engine as the 1060 but incorporates a mirrored glass fascia that enhances the flame effect increasing perceived depth.

This modern technology is not only easier on the eye but it is a fraction of the cost to run a standard conventional bulb and will last longer too. To keep the operation simple you have the three control options: 1) Flame effect only, 2) Flame + 1kW Heat, 3) Flame + 2kW Heat. The controls are mounted discretely under the hood and can be accessed easily.

  • No options available

  • Specifications

      Minimum Room SizeNOne
      Fire TypeLED Reflections
      Chimney/Flue RequirementsNone
      Control TypeSwitches
      Heat Input (Max/Min) Gross2.0
      Heat Output (Max/Min) Gross2.0
      Running Costs Per Hour (Max/Min)*31.5
      Outline Dimensions**H590 x W480 x D114
      InstallationInset - Fireplace
      Air Vent RequiredNone
      SafetyThermal Trip Switch
      OptionsChoice of fret and frames**
      * Price based on 15.6p/kWh. Electricity prices may vary. Please check with your supplier.

      ** Please refer to Technical specification for more product information.
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